A Perfect Daytrip to Ocean Grill

This day trip combines the best of everything.  A scenic half-hour bus ride.  A boat ride hugging the scenic, rocky coast to the south.  A perfect beach.  Great food in a beautiful setting.  One of my favorite trips in the area.

A new restaurant opened up just around the corner to the south of Boca de Tomatlan and it is fabulous. We took the bus to Boca and I called the owner, Alfonso, who immediately sent a water taxi to pick us up. Free! 10 minutes later we were there at Playa Colomitos. The owner is from Mexico City, with a family in the hospitality business, and speaks perfect English. The place is beyond beautiful and just now being finished. There are comfy chairs overlooking the ocean, which crashes under your feet. A railing to rest your feet on. Our host  Alfonso is beyond accommodating. Ocean Grill is sited in a little cove, with a fresh-water creek running into the ocean through a small sandy beach. You can swim in the ocean safely there (a bit of a drop-off, but no noticeable undertow or sharp rocks) and then splash in the swimming holes in the creek to wash off the salt water.  I noticed a hot tub on the way out but don’t know if it is available or just an amenity to his own home, as he lives on site.  There are kayaks free for your use.

The food was outstanding. We shared one order of perfect BBQ ribs and a plate of roasted vegetables and that was more than we could finish. Other friends reported the oysters were amazing, and the burgers outstanding. We relaxed on the terrace, watched the boats go by and stop at the beach. Good prices, too, considering everything is brought in by boat and up a ladder. When we were ready to go home, the water taxi took us back to Boca. It was a leisurely trip and only took 4 hours. It’s really a perfect day trip to enjoy yourselves or treat a visitor to. The classic trip to Yelapa can leave you tired and disheveled at the end of the day – this was perfect.

Here’s how to get there.

During the busy season, you will need to call or email Alfonso to let him know to expect you a day or two ahead.  reservations@oceangrillvallarta.com.  Walk up Basilio Badillo past Joe Jacks to Constitucion Street.  Look to the right. You will see orange and white buses with Mismaloya and Boca written on the top of the window.  Give them 7 pesos.  They leave when they feel they have enough people on board.  Sit on the right side of the bus (opposite of the driver’s side) so you can enjoy the view of the ocean along the way.  Unless traffic is balled up, it should take about 30 minutes.  The driver will stop at Boca, which is the end of the line, at a turn-around.  Walk the two blocks into town, follow the other passengers down to the beach.  You will be approached by the water-taxi guys.  Just call Alfonso at 322-223-7315 when you get there.  He will send a water taxi out for you. It is called “Lizbeth” and is white with a aqua blue trim and cover.  Walk to the pier, to the right. Take bug spray (there are bugs wherever fresh water meets the sea), a swimsuit and towels if you want to swim. 

You can see their website at www.oceangrillvallarta.com.

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